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Edmonton, AB
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Since 1956 Scollard Maintenance has been providing commercial cleaning services to clients across Alberta. Scollard has a philosophy that relationships are the key to success and we devote many man hours to developing quality teams. These teams are well versed in maintaining relationships with clients as well as understanding our comprehensive quality assurance and safety programs. As a result, we have become the choice service provider for our clients and employees. In 2011 we were awarded the Certificate of Recognition for having established a health and safety program that surpassed established standards. Currently, Scollard oversees more than 120 different employees servicing more than 40 diverse contracts across the province.

Our management is in constant communication with the cleaning staff. This hands-on approach allows us to direct employees and satisfy our clients needs. This intimate proximity allows for issues to be dealt with effectively and in a timely fashion. There is not a morass of bureaucracy that reports and problems need to struggle through in order to be addressed by someone with the authority to make a positive change. Our quality control is built upon this concept; management is regularly dispatched to client facilities to inspect and address client concerns. We realize that our leadership personnel impose a significant impact on the quality of service that is provided to our clients. Therefore, we have carefully selected and trained the right individuals in order to maintain a strong Management Team that takes pride in providing excellence in client service. Our cleaning staff, hired for their dedication to customer care, are rigorously trained to comply with and exceed professional cleaning and safety standards. It is our guarantee that we will deliver high quality services and provide safe environments for client and employee alike, all for a competitive price while maintaining exceptional customer service and our customary quality assurance.